Main Bypass Breakout Programming Cable
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Main Bypass Breakout Programming Cable

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This is our "main" cable that you can use to build your own unique bypass/breakout cable used to connect directly to a commercial truck ECM. If you purchase any of our bypass cables individually, you will need this cable as well. Our bypass cables are a 2-piece system, with each one needing this one. Why would anyone need an ECM breakout harness? Here are a couple reasons:

  • Most OEMs recomend NOT programming the vehicle through the dash connector, but instead go direct to the ECM. These are the perfect programming cables for such a project.
  • You are having issues with the diagnostic port on your commercial truck, and wish to bypass the vehicle wiring and go direct to the ECM.
  • You have an ECM that is not installed on the truck, and wish to do programming or modifications to it on the workbench.


  • Harness length is 10'.
  • All cables are tested on live ECMs and validated before shipping.
  • Professional, quality manufacturing of cables made in the USA.
  • 12-month warranty on all components


Learn more about our engine bypass and programming cables in this short video

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