SP06 AutoEnginuity ScanTool Asian Enhanced Bundle
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AutoEnginuity with Asian Enhanced Bundle

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This package from AutoEnginuity will allow you to view diagnostic codes on EVERY engine, plus it allows you to have full bi-directional control on all the asian manufacturers -- Toyota/Scion/Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Subaru, & Mitsubishi. This package gives you the ability to perform tests such as:



  • Air Bleed -- Usual and Master Stroke (ABS)
  • ECB Utility -- ECB Invalid, Zero Down, and Linear Valve Offset Calibration (ABS)
  • Signal Check (Airbag, ABS, ABS CAN, EFI CAN, EHPS, EMPS, and TPWS)
  • Reset Memory (EFI, EFI CAN, ABS, ABS CAN)
  • Clear Records (EMPS and VGRS)
  • Zero Point Init (EMPS)
  • Sensitivity Check (OCC)
  • Inspection Mode (ABS CAN)
  • Test Mode -- Zero Calibration (ABS, ABS CAN, TPWS, and OCC)
  • TPWS CAN Tire Registration
  • VIN programming


  • IVD Initialization (Lateral Acceleration and Yaw Rate Reset)
  • Self-Test (RCM and GEM)
  • As Built (CAN-based body controllers)
  • EPS Steering Calibration
  • IVD Initialization
  • KOEO
  • KOER
  • KAM Reset (CAN-based controllers)
  • Passenger Weight ReZero
  • SWS Calibration


  • Self-Diagnostic (Airbag)
  • ECU Part Number (Airbag)
  • Diagnostics Record (Airbag)
  • Reset ECU (Powertrain)
  • Target Idle Ignition Adjustment
  • Target Idle RPM Adjustment
  • Idle Air Volume Learn
  • Self-Learning Control
  • Door Lock Unlock Set
  • Anti-Lock Out Set
  • Set IL Door Unlock
  • Room Lamp Off Time Set
  • Room Lamp On Time Set
  • Keyless Entry Horn Chirp Set
  • Keyless Entry Hazard Lamp Set
  • Keyless Entry Multi-Answer Back Set
  • Keyless Entry Auto Lock Set
  • Keyless Entry Panic Alarm Set
  • Keyless Entry Trunk Open Set
  • Keyless Entry Power Window Down Set
  • Head Lamp Battery Saver Set
  • Head Lamp Custom Light Setting
  • Head Lamp Illumination Delay Set
  • Wiper Speed Setting
  • Security Alarm Set
  • Theft Alarm Trigger Erase


  • EVAP Leak Test (Siemens 655 [Rev 17, 18, 19], 670 [Rev 8], Bosch COM 1.1)
  • Reset Adaptions
  • PODS Reset
  • WCS Reset
  • Read Block Information
  • Steering Angle Calibration (ABS/ES 95660 [Rev 23 and 32])


  • Set Mode Steering Angle Sensor
  • Lateral and Longitudinal G Sensor Zero Point
  • Retard Ignition
  • Idle RPM Adjustments (with AC and without AC)
  • More intuitive and powerful user-interface
  • OBD-II functionality integrated with Subaru-specific functionality
  • VIN-based model decoding for rapid vehicle identification


  • ECU Information (All CAN controllers)
  • EVAP Leak Test (MFI CAN)
  • EVAP Leak Monitor (MFI E200, E400, E500, E600, 1400, and 1600 Series)
  • Gas Emissions Test Mode and Sensitivity Check (ABS CAN)
  • Reset Learned Values (MFI CAN)
  • Zero Calibration (Some OCM CAN)
  • SAS Initialization (SAS CAN)
  • Steering Angle Initialization and Operation Test (ACD CAN)
  • Air Bleed and Lateral G Sensor Initialization (ACD CAN)
  • Service Interval Reset (Meter CAN)
  • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Check (TPMS CAN (Front Only))

Watch the video below to see this AutoEnginuity Tool in action!

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