ATLK130S - MEGATEST FLEXI ™ 130 PC General Purpose Test Kit
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ATLK130S - MEGATEST FLEXI ™ 130 PC General Purpose Test Kit

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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ATLK130S
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Strategic Tools & Equipment Company was formed in 2005. The company’s mission is to manufacture and supply unique, and high-quality diagnostic, hand, power, and specialty tools for car, truck, motorcycle, industrial, and aircraft maintenance, as well as automotive workshop equipment. For its global customer base, the company performs product development and strategic sourcing of products from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.
  • The most comprehensive general-purpose kit for electrical or electronic testing on cars/ trucks/ tractors/ motorcycles/ ATVs/ boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Any technician working on any vehicle can use this kit.
  • Contains male and female blade and round terminal sizes that mate with 90+% of all automotive connectors in use on vehicles. Allows technicians to quickly connect to, and analyze, voltage, current, impedance, and continuity.
  • Includes Application Guide as to specific terminal sizes are used by each manufacturer.
  • Adapter connectors are compatible with the vast majority of sensors/ valves/ solenoids/ actuators/ injectors/ starter circuits/ ignition coils, wire har­ness connectors, ECMs, control modules, etc. on North American, Asian, and European vehicles.
  • Includes 10K potentiometer for simulating sensor loads, or for modifying circuit resistance
  • Includes airbag squib simulators, allowing disconnection of airbags to service other items without creating troublesome airbag fault codes should power be accidentally applied while the airbags are disconnected.
  • Includes "needle style" probes for back-probing connectors to determine connector integrity, or for probing signals on large, multi-pin connectors.
  • Includes insulation piercing probes for accessing those wires/circuits where connectors are inaccessible.
  • Includes stackable banana leads for easy connection of multiple test instruments or circuits, and especially useful when using oscilloscopes.
  • Combination LED Test Lamp/Strobe illuminates Red or Green, depending on polarity.  Use to test power and continuity, and/or pulse operation, such as on injectors.
  • Dramatically reduces setup and diagnostic time for electrical/electronic troubleshooting
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